light you better

Anonymous asked: You sound like besties, you seem so sweet! xo Why is she afraid to perform and so negative towards her singing then?

yessssss we are 4lyf you know; thank you! xx And I don’t really know to be honest, I just think she’s really shy when it comes to her singing

Anonymous asked: How did you hear her sing then? What does she sound like?

hk is probably my best friend and I spend as much time with her as I can and since she loves singing she’s often like humming songs; also if you put on a song she likes you can trick the chick into singing a bit for ya - she sounds soft if that makes sense? Everything about “her sound” is amazing, you should hear her laugh or just regular talking it’s just ahhhhhhh such nice sounds

Anonymous asked: Have you ever heard Hilariouskoalas sing?

She’s not really into the whole “sharing is caring” thing when it comes to her singing, but I’ve heard a bit and she is amazing